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Aminu Ibrahim
Director ICT Unit (ZACAS)

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) revolution is sweeping through the world and the gale has even caught up with our country Nigeria, which is a developing country. The Zamfara College of Arts And Science (zacas) Information and Communication Center is a permissible institution mandated to improve to ICT-compliance levels of staff and students of the College, by ensuring the availability of accessible, efficient, reliable and affordable ICT services; and also providing consultancy resources to government and private enterprises. Also, the directorate is mandated to provide IT standards, strategic plan and development in the College guidelines and policy. Our Vision: As an ICT Directorate, our commitment is primarily to ensure that we improve the ICT-compliance levels of staff and students of (Zacas) by ensuring the availability of accessible, efficient, reliable and affordable ICT tools and services; also to provide training to individuals and consultancy resources to governments and private enterprises. To achieve a transition from traditional teacher-centered practices to student/user-driven capacitation, and an increase in the basic skills and awareness of the uses of ICT. Armed with practical orientation to work, the Directorate concentrates on the exploration of new ways in which ICT is capable of changing personal productivity and professional practice. Our Mission: The core mission of the ICT Directorate is to act as a focal point that provides resources and animates flow-processes for the various sectors of the College; to create an environment that would expose students to the knowledge and uses of information and communication technology applications and methods for learning, teaching and research. To make a greater number of our teeming youths becomes experts in specialized areas of computer and information technology; with a view to creating jobs, raising productivity, increasing incomes and opening many opportunities for business and human development. The Directorate has some detailed responsibilities and functions which include:

  • Provide viable electronic broadcasting and social network platforms for the College and provide an enhanced and expanded telecommunication services to meet the growing needs of departments and units in the College.
  • Encourage and increase investments and growths in ICT hardware, software, internet, training and ICT enabling services by negotiating and managing College wide agreements for quality IT products and services, to reduce the cost and increase the value of these services.
  • Build data-bases and databanks for effective administration in the College, by managing consolidated data centre services, implementing and managing shared services.
  • Promote cyber and network security through the development of a College wide Network and Security Operations Centre.
  • Provide the most modern and effective platforms for academic instruction by assisting departments and units in providing secure, reliable College wide IT operations.
  • Facilitate the development of sectoral ICT policies and strategies by mapping and providing selective standard efforts that are guided by a clear vision and goals to make policy-making more focused, effective and user driven.
  • Provide adequate infrastructure in the College by promoting Innovative use of Information technology that adds value and reduces the gaps relating to teaching and research, and human resource development.
  • Foster and encourage the use of ICT to promote and improve the quality of learning, teaching, research and human resource development.
  • Digitize all administrative processes and secure digital archives so that authorized personnel can have access to them through efficient network services.
  • Organize series of low cost professional computer training programmes to bridge the digital gap between computer knowledge and practices, thereby improving the competitive skill of participants in this ICT driven economy through the Computer Department (CD).